Ayatollah Majdeddin Mahallati was born in Najaf, Iraq in 1926 to an Iranian family with more than three centuries of reputation in Islamic scholarship. He received both a traditional seminarian education at Qom and a modern academic study of law at Tehran University. Between his return to Shiraz around 1957 and his passing in 2000, he spent his blessed life giving spiritual, educational and charity services to thousands of disenfranchised people. His monumental services brought him the title of “Charity Ayatollah.” He managed to build many mosques that were key to any rural development in the Fars province including Wali Asr Mosque in Shiraz where he lead daily prayer and delivered his sermons. Accompanied with his friends, he also built the Wali Asr Charity Clinic open to public and the Wali Asr Charity which accommodates needs of more than two thousand low-income families. Additionally he built the Imam Asr Madrasa with one of the largest non-governmental libraries in Shiraz serving gifted resident seminarian students. Ayatollah Mahallati also taught at the law school of Shiraz University. He frequently travelled to Europe, United States and regional countries and was influential in institutionalizing Islamic charity and education wherever he visited. He is remembered in Shiraz as a leading and visionary spiritual figure that stayed non-governmental all his life, suffered from imprisonment and exile for defending human rights and brought fundamental improvement and progress to so many lives in the region and across the world.

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