Mohammad Jafar Mahallati
Mohammad Jafar (Amir) Mahallati is currently Presidential Scholar in Islamic Studies at the Religion Department of Oberlin College. He received his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from McGill University, after completing the Harvard fellowship for Persian studies in 2005-06. Mahallati has taught graduate courses and given lectures at Columbia, Princeton, Yale, and Georgetown Universities. He has served as senior scholar and affiliate with several academic and religious institutions focused on international relations, including the Middle East Institute, the Center for Strategic and International Affairs, and Search for Common Ground (all in Washington DC).
After his studies in Islamic theology at Khan Seminary (Shiraz, Iran) and receiving a B.A. in Economics from National University (Tehran), Mahallati completed a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Kansas and a M.S. in Political Economy from the University of Oregon. He served as Director General, Economic and International Affairs, in Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1981-1987, and was Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations from 1987-1989. As Ambassador he was successful in bringing an end to the devastating eight-year Iran-Iraq War. Besides his scholarly interests in Religious Studies, Mahallati enjoys pursuing his interests in Islamic arts and literature, specifically Sufi poetry and sacred calligraphy.
Mahallati’s dissertation research focused on the history and theory of Islamic ethics. Presently he is working on a book titled: Ethics of War in Iran and Shi‘i Islam. Drawing on his dissertation research, this book focuses on modern critical writings on ethics of war and peace by Shi‘i jurists and Iranian scholars since the end of the Iraq-Iran war in 1989. This book is intended for scholars and students of Islamic studies, conflict resolution, law, history, international relations and ethics. It will also be of interest to the general public and to policymakers in the Muslim and the non-Muslim countries. Another field of Mahallati’s current research and publication, new in its field, is ethics of friendship aiming at a better understanding of friendship as a moral category in Muslim cultures and beyond. The research looks at cultural and religious elements in Muslim life that could be utilized in the modern international relations and peacemaking. Two products of the research are forthcoming edited volumes one titled “Ethics of Friendship in Muslim Cultures: Theory and Practice,” in Persian language. The other is “Rethinking Friendship in Muslim Cultures and Modern World Politics,” in English. These volumes that share only a few chapters provide a wide range of articles by many top scholars of the field that together can help a novel approach to peacemaking within and also without Muslim Cultures. Mahallati has co-translated into English two published volumes on the poetry of the contemporary Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri.
Mahallati spends a few months in Shiraz every year where he is in academic dialogue with the Iranian university and seminarian scholars. Among courses that he teaches are: “Islam,” “Introduction to the Quran,” “Religion and Politics in the Modern Muslim World,” “Islamic Mystic Traditions, and Literature,” “The Ethics of Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking in Christianity and Islam,” “Forgiveness in Christianity and Islam,” and “Introduction to Muslim Cultures and Civilizations: A Humanistic Approach.”

Mohammad Hossein Mahallati
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Amineh Mahallati
I was born in Shiraz, Iran, in 1962. I went to Mehrain school and came to the United States and studied art and education at The College of New Jersey and Montclair University. For the past seven years, I have taught Persian at Princeton University.

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