In the Great Memory of a Man Who Will Continue to Live in Our Minds and Hearts

Mr. Taqi Moshiri was almost gone more than a year ago nevertheless, it is sad to hear that a great cousin and one of the pillars of the family passed away. He will be remembered for kindness, love for all family members, hospitality, enthusiasm for knowledge and art, and for his children who are all honor to our greater family. He added to the great legacies of our common ancestors. For me personally he was far more than a cousin or relative. He was a genuine, unique, unconditional and generous friend. I lived in his house for some time and received the same care and kindness that he and Nosrat banu gave to their own children if not more. We all will be ultimately remembered by legacies that we leave behind. Mr. Moshiri's soul should be pleased for so many great stories and memories he left in our minds and hearts. He managed a house with open door to all during his entire life. His house was a hub for family gathering. His great sense of humor always brought happiness to his audience. I have so many books that he gave me as gift. He was a great but very humble artist, a violinist, a calligrapher, a lover of poetry and history and above all he had a great passion for life without attachment to the mundane and the material. He was generous, magnanimous and always eager to forgive and reconcile. He conducted a great professional life but used his professional knowledge, expertise and wealth for humane causes. He was an exceptional citizen and desired to help his countrymen to enjoy a civilized, lawful and happy life. He loved his culture, but always with an open mind to learn from others. He was witty and full of love for his country, but always up-to-date about what was going around the world. I traveled with him and his family both inside and outside Iran. He was one of the most pleasant and flexible journey companions I experienced. We all remember him for his early morning walks which he did meticulously for many decades. This was because he took quality life seriously. He was always well-dressed and well-mannered with great taste in life-style. He lived an exemplary moral life and was heavily respected by his colleagues in his professional conduct. He also had a remarkable vision in collecting good and learned friends. In time of any crisis for a family member or friend, he was always ready and restless to help. He had a very tender soul. He could easily burst into tears by remembering deceased family members and friends or dramas that other human beings were going through. He was a great father and husband and a wonderful friend for all his friends. Here I have to say that in many credits that we give to the Late Mr. Moshiri, Nosrat Banu has a major share. She has been an exemplary wife, mother and friend of the family. She kept her house open to all with warmest welcome and outstanding hospitality. She has been like a mother to me and I cannot enumerate wonderful and heart-touching memories I have had at their house. May God keep Nosrat Banu for us and may she be rewarded for having been so generous in treating us all with love and kindness. This is a moment of contemplation. The best thought at this juncture could perhaps be to appreciate the life of all other family members and relatives. It could also be thinking about the very great souls of our ancestors, who lived honorably, continue to live through us, and connect us with the same deep passion that they had for one another. May peace and happiness be upon their souls! I remember many beautiful lines of poetry from Saadi and Hafez which I often heard from Mr. Moshiri, may his soul rest in paradise. The following line is perhaps most relevant to this moment and to his memory: Ayyam-e Khosh an bood keh baa doost be sar raft/Baaqi hameh bi haaselio bolhavasi bood. I miss him deeply and express my deep apologies to his good soul for my shortfalls in our relation. I cannot appreciate enough what he and Nosrat banu did for me and for our family in their blessed life. May God bless them both with happiness, mercy and bliss!
Amir Mahallati

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